From industrial training & development projects for U.S., France and Canada based clients to designing, marketing & branding products and websites for India based clients, AbeerTech have worked with hundreds of clients across all the verticals and regions. Our unique approach of building custom strategies based on client’s product & services turned out to be a humongous hit! AbeerTech has been dominating the real estate sector in North of India and served top-notch clients such as Haryana Tourism, DLF Universal, TUV Rheinland, Green Lotus Apartments, Royal Estate Group, BG Ford Group, Audi Chandigarh, Swiss International Hotels and many more.

AbeerTech appears with a promising approach to serve its clients with every dimension of Digital Marketing, Brand promotion, Web Designing, Product Branding, Cloud Telephony and Lead Generation.


While having forged a stellar reputation in real-estate domain, AbeerTech is passionately stretching its wings to touch base with other domains as well. With a strong passion to maintain AbeerTech’s competitive advantage in digital space, our mission is to deliver scale and reach for brands from different niche.


AbeerTech is optimizing its team structure and striving to identify pain points of various businesses and effective ways to address those in order to reach its goal of establishing itself as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India by 2020.



A great business at a fair price is superior to a fair business at a great price. Our packages are flexible in order to suit the different needs of our businesses. Here, in AbeerTech we are offering competitive prices to do marketing of any brand businesses.


The highly professional team at AbeerTech is not the ordinary one. Our team players don’t passively sit on the sideline and see change happen; they adapt to changing situations and often drive positive change themselves. Our team of innovators is out to take over the IT world.


Quality is never an accident. It is always a result of intelligent efforts and passion what we have in our team, we take time to make positive work relationship with our customers & to find their expectations what they actually want.


AbeerTech team is always ready to deliver our best product services to our web site development, web hosting and maintenance, IVR, corporate identity, SEO marketing, graphic designing and technical writing.



    Research is the backbone of every project. Good teamwork can nail down a project by using proper research. What our team seeks out from a project is the deep understanding of the topic, customer’s vision, preferences, consideration factors and to identify important variables. All these research points help us to accomplish the project in an effective way.


    Conceptualisation is the initial part of any project. In this phase, a team starts digging out all the information sources in depth related to the project and then the work is allotted. Using these fundamentals we work to make the web a beautiful and user-friendly place where users love to spend time.


    This is the state where we are ready to execute the work with our skilled team putting in the best efforts. In this phase, we create short-term goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic. After delegating the appropriate tasks to our team members, we list down the sub-tasks that serve as a milestone to reach our final goals.


    When a project is finalized after completion of all the activities of the project, our professional team reviews the performance of the project, including the success and the failures, and their implications on the final result. At the last phase, after website building process has been completed, it’s time to launch.

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