The Biggest Digital Event of Himachal

Success Story

The Biggest Digital Event of Himachal

In an effort to build brand visibility of our prestigious real estate client Chester Hills, AbeerTech recently joined in to promote the biggest event of Himachal, Mrs. Himachal 2018. Powered by Chester Hills, this event was held in association with Divya Himachal.

However, Mrs. Himachal 2018 is organized every year, but this time, it was different. Like this year, the promotion of events was done digitally and hence the scale of promotion was massive as compared to past years. We joined this event with Chester Hills when all the audition rounds for Mrs. Himachal’s 2018 contest were already done, including the selection of 40 contestants. So, we had very little time to plan and execute a marketing strategy that would generate excitement among Himachalis and thus drive brand engagement for our client.


  • To launch two big digital campaigns on social media with hashtags #faceofhimachal and #peopleschoiceaward for driving the target audience participation.
  • To create a website for the Face Of Himachal contest to let participants register themselves online.
  • To create a new voting website for People Choice Award wherein the people can vote via an online form.
  • To manage the contestants profiling for Face Of Himachal and People Choice Award

Campaign Strategy

  • AbeerTech developed a #faceofhimachal frame contest wherein participants are required to add the frame to their Facebook Profile Picture and get maximum points (likes and shares).
  • Sharing regular event updates, interactive posts alongside the contest posts on Facebook.
  • Setting up a lead management system to track the leads coming from phone calls, website, social media, and offline.
  • Generating a buzz for the campaign and an event online as well as offline mediums.

AbeerTech, in virtue of being the digital partner of this event, wanted to nail the social media space and make the most out of this big event. To put it rightly, we want to give our clients an exponential increase in organic engagement and awareness about their project.


Face Of Himachal

The face of Himachal received excellent responses both on Facebook as well as the website. While the engagement from the target audience through the #FaceOfHimachal Facebook frame contest was overwhelming. Here are a few of its insights:


Forms Submitted


Likes on Social Media


Total Page Reach Exceeded


New Followers on Facebook


People’s Choice Award

To break the clutter, this campaign was launched just a few days before the Mrs. Himachal 2018 event. Owing to this AbeerTech conceptualization of a marketing strategy, AbeerTech created an unprecedented buzz around the event and Chester Hills managed to pull off a high organic reach out of it. The insights received through this campaign were as follows:


Page reach on Chester Hills Page


New Followers Joined


Post Engagements


people participated in the voting

Eventually, the integration of campaign and event not only increased the visibility of the brand and the activity in social space but also got immediate traction with multiple entries and shares. Moreover, the virality effect came into play as social shares among friends, relatives, and others resulted in gaining positive response and higher engagement across different geographies in and around Himachal. This is evident from the fact that one participant from the Face of Himachal contestant received whooping shares of 4,000+.

Precisely, the whole event proved to be quite engaging with over 6515 new users talking about the brand.