Green Lotus Avenue

Success Story

Green Lotus Avenue

Green lotus Avenue is the “First Green Residential Project” in Tricity providing you a refreshing and flourishing home close to nature. It also provides world-class amenities, both basic as well as luxurious at affordable prices.

Goal and Objectives

Our goal was to establish a solid relationship with people on the basis of mutual respect and trust. We wanted to build a bridge between property and community to improve the environment in which people live. We also wanted to do more than just creating a house. We build communities.


increase in sales


lift in brand favorability


lift in brand awareness


lift in ad recall

Their History

Green Lotus Avenue built-in 2016 on the foundation of “THINK GREEN LIVE GREEN” in Tricity. The mission is to serve the customers quality based apartments with the core values: Ethical standards at the highest level and Superior Management. It establishes on the basis of care and responsibility toward our environment and also brings into action the practice of sustained living. Green Lotus Avenue is also certified by “The Indian Green Building Council Certification “with the major focus on not only reducing the project’s damaging impact on the earth’s environment but also create a healthy environment around and inside the building.

Case Study

Our team has successfully handled both large and small-scale projects. During the summer of 2016, we became a part of Green Lotus Avenue in Chandigarh.
We faced different challenges in different phases. Only knowing the customer’s requirements was not enough for us. We wanted to make our work more energized and excited as per the requirements of our client. The aim was to promote their project completely through online portals. They wanted to generate their product awareness through digital media. Hence our team was ready to knot with digital media. Our team helped to resolve all technical and non-technical queries and also helped in managing the leads systematically, which helped management to keep a track of all the leads and monitor the progress of the campaign.


Colorful results

Our team focused on long term goals as per our client’s requirements and achieved some impressive results:

  • Increased Facebook likes from 96 to 22000.
  • The blog marketing strategy generated 372 new organic visitors daily to their website.
  • YouTube videos reach Google’s 1st page.
  • 2-point lift in ad recall
  • YouTube video garnered 2,147 views in a short period of time.