United For Green

Success Story

#UnitedforGreen was a campaign designed exclusively for one of our real estate clients in Chandigarh to increase brand awareness. A 360-degree strategy was planned where we designed a campaign aimed to create environmental awareness among the people through the right integration of digital media and ground activities in parallel (including celebrity engagement, selfie contest, corporate activities, poster making, and more). This was the first time ever in Chandigarh that all radio stations come together for the same cause.

Green Lotus is a real estate company in Zirakpur near Chandigarh. It is the region’s first green residential project company in Tricity. Though it was a new organization still has very good clientele in the region due to its quality standards.


Green Lotus wanted to increase the awareness level among the people. To make them realize the immediate and concert need of adopting eco-friendly homes so as to give themselves and their next generation with a be “All good things come at a price.” This phrase also holds true in context to our client’s inventory. Their project includes a lot of unique offerings, which itself is huge and holds a higher price for a better future

Campaign Strategy

AbeerTech, in virtue of being the leading digital marketing company in Chandigarh Tricity, wanted to create a wave about the launch of the Eco-friendly residential project of the Green Lotus group. But due to strong competition in segments, it became the biggest challenge to reach out to the masses. Another challenge was the price of inventory that needed to be justified to customers.

Keeping the challenges in mind, our digital marketing team came up with a unique strategy;

  • At that time Pollution level in Delhi due to smog was in the news so we thought of starting a campaign which increases awareness among people about adopting a greener lifestyle for generations to come.
  • We named the campaign #unitedforGreen- The name tells everyone was united including all-news radio stations, local print media, and Digital agencies.
  • Designed a website for the initiative #unitedforgreen so as to increase the engagement by encouraging the people to join the conversation and share their ideas.
  • Using unique hashtags – #unitedforgreen and #expectmore (which is used in regard to the vision of Green Lotus, i.e, providing everything in more) to create a sense of community and drive maximum participation of the people towards supporting the initiative.
  • Leveraging Facebook by holding a photo contest and encouraging people to add the frame of United for Green to their profile picture.
  • Promotions on YouTube.
  • Generating look alike audience who can be more interested in our digital content is created and Google Paid Ad campaigns were built around it.
  • Media planning strategy to create touchpoints across all mediums. Offline mediums like radio, hoarding, print is also included.


The execution was handled in a defined way where we planned to first promote the cause through digital media and offline activities and once the audience is engaged we gave it a commercial angle towards a real estate project which is eco-friendly and connects with the audience.
“What we did was to simply capture the Intent of target audience and when the desired audience was built we simply seeded our sales pitch” – Ajay Arora

Digital Media










Days Campaign


daily unique users



Performance Metrics

Although all projects are not like and what works and what’s not it’s still unknown as market trends changes frequently along with interest of potential customer but here are few metrics we used to track our performance.

1) Organic Traffic (New vs Returning)

2) Paid Traffic (Google & Facebook Ads with reduced CPA and CPC and increased engagement)

3) Quality of Digital Creatives (What works best what’s not with Alpha Beta testing of the Same ad set with different creatives)

Social Media Traffic (Audience Reach and engagement around Chandigarh Tricity to reach the event)

4) Response from Ground Level activities and Social Media Event Response.

Within 3 months from the launch of the Project (Green Lotus Saksham ), the builder still sees daily walk-in customers and successfully sold 60+ Units from his inventory and still selling.