AbeerTech unveiled Konneto: The Lead Management Software

Simple to use. Better than spreadsheets. Customizable to handle.

AbeerTech Pvt Ltd. recently launched Konneto, an easy and intuitive Lead Management Software to help businesses mitigate lead acquisition costs whilst providing all the tracking features for managing your leads from the first touch to sales close.

Before we dive into the illustration of our software, let us first know what is lead management.

Lead management is the process of documenting the interactions involved in tracking and managing prospective customers. It is also referred as a method of customer acquisition management or contact management.

Examples of Businesses Using Lead Management Software

Top businesses like Bespoke Collection, T-Mobile and Starbucks are using lead management software to fuel their sales. There are many other examples of businesses leveraging lead management software’s to unify and clean customer lifecycle data in their business.

Why you Need Konneto?

Konneto is simple yet effective lead management software which capture and manage both the online and offline leads hassle free. This helps businesses identify which strategies are bringing in the best leads and how should they optimize their sales strategy to close leads faster and clinch more sales. Furthermore, since Konneto documents a person’s full-fledged record of experiences and interactions with your company, it becomes easy to analyze exactly how a visitor was converted from a prospect to a lead, to a customer.

Being a young and fastest growing lead management portal, Konneto is continually striving hard to learn and improve from the valuable feedbacks received from its customers. We’ve taken our customer’s feedbacks seriously and based on that we’re soon coming up with mobile apps that will provide rich user experience and exclusive leads dashboard for sales managers or business owners. Therefore, they can keep a keen eye on the complete sales funnel from start to close.

Be it marketing, advertising and sales calls- all these kind of sources bring in leads but what methods are in place to ensure that leads are being properly worked. As we’ve entered big data’s age when every business is getting on the data bandwagon, using the conventional methodologies to visualize and communicate that data through Microsoft’s Excel or papers is only cumbersome. While there is nothing inherently wrong with excel spreadsheets, they’re great calculators but definitely not good databases. Spreadsheets or any other outdated methods have limited interface capabilities with a few hundred items and much more difficult to manage thousands of entities. Old methods are a big stumbling block to the growth of any business due to some of the common reasons described as follows:

  • Not designed to store the historical record of your past lead which makes impossible to compare data across longer horizons and spot trends overtime.
  • Difficult to share and doesn’t show real time results. Data could be accidentally modified or deleted.
  • Hard to analyze the data which may lead to misinterpretation and you could likely make poor choices or take wrong actions. So you could be losing more deals than you’re winning.

These are only few of the drawbacks of using conventional methodologies. This is why there is need to have an automation system that can not only effectively track, manage and streamline the entire sales process but as well as manage leads in a systematic and structured way. A cross-channel marketing automation helps you create workflows that work in synchronization to automate your daily sales tasks lead segmentation, followup mails, scheduling appointments or updating the leads status. This way you don’t have to manually perform these tasks every single time you get a new lead or prospect.

2017 is a year of the customer. As per a research of Innoppl Technologies, 55{39bcc38004b72261fc68559ab6b17f1fb88a61aa79ea9b5cb69bd38ea9ea8d37} of the sales representatives who used automation or lead management software have achieved their sales target. This is the reason that 91{39bcc38004b72261fc68559ab6b17f1fb88a61aa79ea9b5cb69bd38ea9ea8d37} of the companies with over 11 employees now use CRM. Also, According to Pardot, 79{39bcc38004b72261fc68559ab6b17f1fb88a61aa79ea9b5cb69bd38ea9ea8d37} of the leads fail to convert without a lead management software.

Hope, these eye-opening statistics may be enough to convince you. These statistics are intentionally provided to help you explore to what extent the solution can benefit your business.

That said, with our lead capture and management software Konneto, you can overcome all the given shortcomings that your may be facing earlier. Konneto captures all the details about your customers which may relate to conversions, deals (including open, lost and close) and the meetings and appointments scheduled with them.

Before we dive deep into the features and benefits of Konneto, let us know what actually lead management means?

What Kind of Features are Included in Konneto?

1. Mini CRM for Leads

Mini CRM helps to keep track of all your prospect conversations. It will not let you trace junk leads. By prioritizing leads, tasks and efforts, it provides a detailed lead report for better decision making which as an outcome increase the sales velocity of your business. You can also extend and customize this Mini CRM as your business grows. Moreover, it intelligently simplifies the repetitive tasks so that you can concentrate more on leads.

2. Capture and Manage All Online and Offline Leads

Konneto helps increase conversions and reduce cost per lead from PPC, social media ads and more with responsive landing pages. With direct Facebook ads integration, it eliminates the hassle of downloading leads from Facebook. It also captures leads from offline campaigns or marketing channels by allowing the user to manually upload the offline leads. For instance, if you organized walk-ins, event or campaign where you’ve received offline leads from fill up forms or any other offline source, Konneto will allow you to simply upload your excel sheet to Konneto. This way you can easily manage your lead at one place. Phone call is also an offline lead source and we’ll discuss it in next point.