Silicon India recognized AbeerTech as “50 best startups to work for 2017”

AbeerTech was chosen as 50 Best Startups to Work For – 2017. A distinguished panel of some of the industry’s leading CEOs, VCs, CIOs and industry experts including Silicon India editorial board was made to analyze the index of startups. This index was analyzed in different standpoints throughout the year. In this comprehensive analysis, AbeerTech has been recognized as one of the most favorable startups in terms of great work culture, growth opportunities, pay scale & benefits and scaled HR policies.

The key reason behind this analysis was to help passionate job seekers plug with the dream company. This analysis also contains a list which facilitates employers to determine the groundbreaking policies that drove the 50 best startups as the front-runners.

“We have the best infrastructure in town to take advantage of future opportunities and we are ready to scale,” said Ajay Arora – Founder Director of AbeerTech.”

As the company’s gender ratio inclines towards female employees, security is a top most concern at AbeerTech. Its escalation matrix ensures that all information and sexual harassment complaints confidential to ensure open communication with the management.

“The transparent work culture and flexible timings at AbeerTech gave me the opportunity to create a perfect work-life balance. The senior management is always approachable and receptive to new innovation and ideas. The entire work culture keeps me motivated to enhance my technical skills through various training sessions with seasoned professionals,” remarks Rashmi – QA, AbeerTech.

AbeerTech seeks team players who are not only good learners but passion-driven as well. The primary focus of the company is the timely recruitment of skilled professionals through referral hiring. In a brain-drained city like Chandigarh, where aspiring professionals don’t mind hopping for minimal raise, AbeerTech retains its people by building a win-win ecosystem, wherein it stay ahead of the competitors with flexible timings such as work-from-home for few, lucrative incentives, amazing resources at finger tips, fast-tracked growth route for high performers, recreational activities after hectic assignment, employee reward programs like performer of the month & year and motivational sessions, along with other standard HR policies.